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Description: This bluegill showing black spot disease in its pectoral and dorsal fins was caught in Vilas Co., WI, July 2007. "Black Spot Disease" is caused by a parasite that has a two-host life cycle with fish as one of those hosts. In fish, it appears as small black specks under the skin and in the muscle which are visible during filleting. Life cycle: Adult worms live in the gut of fish-eating birds. Eggs are released from bird feces into the water and are eaten by snails. Then the parasite matures into a free-swimming stage that eventually leaves the snail. This is the infective stage for fish that penetrates the skin and burrows into the flesh, where it remains (as the black spot) until the infected fish are eaten by birds and the life cycle begins again. Are infected fish safe to eat? Yes, although unattractive, the fillet is safe for human consumption after it has been thoroughly cooked.
Category: Fish Diseases
Tags: disease, black, spot, bluegill, lepomis, intermediate, host, snail
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